Six ways marketers can leverage Clubhouse ?

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Last Updated: May 1, 2022

The Clubhouse, a social app is an invite-only, audio-only social media platform that allows people to host live audio chat rooms where users can listen or talk. It has the potential to become the top social media platform on the planet with over 10 million users which is growing exponentially. Below is the breakdown of Clubhouse user growth generated from backlinko

The Clubhouse app was released on iOS in 2020
Co-founders of Clubhouse also founded other startups
Clubhouse venture capital increased to $100M in less than a year
Clubhouse was valued at $4 billion in the last funding round
Clubhouse’s most popular club has 175K followers
Clubhouse ranks among the Top 20 Social Networking apps on iOS
The clubhouse team has grown from 9 to 100+
Clubhouse seeing over 680K monthly downloads as of May 2022
Clubhouse has 10M, active weekly users
Clubhouse predicted to change social media and podcast ecosystems in the US
Clubhouse had 2M weekly active users during the invite-only phase
The clubhouse is popular outside the US
Sheel Mohnot was Clubhouse’s first influencer
Clubhouse has a go-to “after-hours” room
Clubhouse draws in celebrities and other “elites”
Clubhouse launched an invite-only Creator Pilot Program
Clubhouse Payments enables creators to monetize their content or ideas
Clubhouse has invite-only Houses
Marketers like Clubhouse
700K rooms created daily on Clubhouse

So what does this mean to brands and marketers? Data has always been gold to us marketers and if data is gold I would prefer saying real-time customers who are authentic and natural are like diamonds for us. So let’s see how we can use these diamonds to shine our brands and businesses. 

Brands Room:

Let’s try relating this with the offline marketing effort where we have a big hall with numerous stalls of brands showcasing their products. People come in and visit stalls they are interested in. Similarly, brands can build their own digital room where interested people can come in and get more information about brands from moderators or other audiences. It’s always a good idea for brands to appoint moderators in their rooms so they can easily solve audience questions and give information on their products/ services. The important thing to note here is moderators should be an expert in handling queries, managing rooms, helping everyone contribute and gathering insights.

A session:

Brands can leverage rooms to solve audiences’ questions related to their product or services. I think it can be a good platform to create awareness. If used efficiently it can create a buzz through word-of-mouth campaigns. Recently the clubhouse room featured an interview with Co-founder and CEO of CoinbaseBrian Armstrong where he spoke about how he got started in cryptos and the future of digital currency. Listeners were able to ask questions related to cryptocurrency and its future. This way Coainbase not only boosted company awareness but also was able to increase its credibility. 

Sponsership rooms:

Brands have been sponsoring many offline events wherever they see their potential target. Likewise, they can sponsor rooms that have the same values as theirs. Example: I see many rooms discussing mental health and sustainability. Why don’t brands sponsor these rooms and also put some light on  how they are contributing to the field? These rooms can be a great platform for brands to tell their stories and also listen to the story of their users.

Get feedback:

A good brand that believes in its product can build credibility by taking real-time feedback from its existing client base. This feedback can be used as a primary research survey which can later be used in product modification or building any new product. Fake reviews have always been a concern for brands. New users can join the room and get to know about the product by listening to existing users rather than deciding by review stars.

Clear misconception and apologize:

We see a lot these days of brands being aggressive on their digital media platforms and coming up with a lot of creatives. Not all the creatives go as planned and create controversy around. A courageous brand can always come into their room, listen to their audiences, clear misconceptions and apologize to them in real time instead of putting their words only on Twitter. 

Brainstorming session:

Whether it’s developing or naming a new product. What can be the best place other than Clubhouse to start with real-time audio-only brainstorming sessions with the experts in the field or getting to know more from their biggest asset i.e. consumer?

Please let me know if you have more ideas on leveraging CH for business growth.

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